We believe public art is a critical element to creating vibrant communities. As part of this belief, we have made efforts to add murals to our home city of Ogden, Utah. The first, was commissioned to Rachel Pohl and created at the corner of 25th Street and Adams Avenue. We are proud that this mural was Rachel’s first, prior to this she hadn’t worked much larger than a few square feet. After seeing her work at the Parlour in Ogden, we believed she could do it, and hired her for the job. After two weeks of long hours for Rachel and thousands of volunteer hours, we collectively completed a 950 square foot mural in the heart of Ogden’s budding Creative District. The location of this mural was selected to catalyze further development and investment in an overlooked stretch of 25th Street. Since the installation of this mural, the site has been turned into an outdoor gallery ran by Ogden First and has helped spark multiple arts-based development projects. If you would like to paint 0ur next mural or have it on your property, drop us a line.