In February 2017 Ogden City Council unanimously adopted their new Master Plan for Arts and Culture. We led the 18-month creation of this plan through a stakeholder-centered design and strategic planning process. Ogden City’s Master Plan for Arts and Culture is a thoughtful, strategic, and practical road map designed to help city government facilitate the growth and expansion of a vibrant community.

Ogden City’s Master Plan for Arts and Culture is not a list of projects – it is a value-based comprehensive overview of the current and future state of Arts and Culture in Ogden. The plan is organized into Goals, Objectives, and Strategies that collectively point towards a collaborative vision.  Our mission with this plan was to catalyze a robust creative community in Ogden, help Ogden City government understand the broad value of Arts and Culture, and connect disparate creatives throughout the community.

To create this plan, Union Creative Agency led:

  • Stakeholder research (surveys, interviews, public meetings, and focus groups)
  • Organized community groups
  • Synthesized research to make recommendations
  • Collaborated with city government staff to establish buy-in
  • Established policy-based connections between this plan and other plans previously adopted by Ogden City
  • Designed the plan to meet Ogden City’s style guide
  • Presented the plan to City Council for final adoption.
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